Mark Selfridge Garden Design


I have always felt very fortunate that, as I was growing up, I had an idea of what I wanted to do in life in for a career. I lived around folks who were avid gardeners and were always willing to share their knowledge. My neighbors, in my home town, were always giving me seeds, bulbs, houseplants or vegetable seedlings to start growing. This, I am sure, is were it all started. I always felt that I had an innate curiosity of the natural world that was further enhanced by these people I grew up around. With their help I absorbed a lot of  knowledge just by watching, listening, and helping in the garden. I cannot say I know everything there is to know, no one does. However, this early exposure did help in forming a strong foundation on which to build.

I am always learning and looking to add to that foundation. As it is often said, “A garden is never finished.” I feel the same way about learning. You can always learn more and never know too much. 


Mark Selfridge

Medford, MA

Essex Agricultural School

UMASS Boston, MA

Garden Designer

In business since 1994


      Tel:  781.391.1227


“O’ beauty before me

Beauty behind me

Beauty to the right of me

Beauty to the left of me

Beauty above me

Beauty below me

I’m on the pollen path.”

Navajo poem